Law Firms & Legal Practitioners

Empower your legal teams with efficient document drafting, collaboration within the team and with the client, as well as negotiation with counterparties.


Increase capacity with Maintract

Maintract enables clients to focus their resources on qualitative work while automating time-consuming tasks, effectively providing safe and streamlined processes.


Save valuable time
for your organization

Drafting contract and documents is a waste of time. With Maintacts platform, you can generate, automate, negotiate and sign your contracts, even the most complex ones. All aligned with your policies and guidelines.

Increase your team capacity

In transaction-intense times, bottlenecks within all organization occur naturally. Using Maintract to create your contracts, you are able to increase your team capacity and deal pipeline, enabling revenue growth without increasing your headcount.

Focus on increasing the quality

Often, there is a trade-off between quality and quantity, regardless of operation. By automating the repetitive, quantitative document processes, you can dedicate your resources to focus on qualitative work, future-proofing the business.


Always banking level security with Maintract

Maintract is compliant with regulations in accordance with EBA-guidelines, in order to be able to provide solutions for banks and financial instututions across the EU.

Our Products

Tailored to benefit you in every case.

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The best purpose-built negotiation platform is here.

No more sending Word-files back and forth through emails, with markups, comments and dispatched messaging. Spend your time wisely with increased control and efficiency in your collaborations.

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Built to handle the most complex contract cases out there

Stop spending hours filling in templates manually. 

Enable your organization to automatically create complex documents accurately and consistently, based on your templates and legal logic.

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Enable your document workflows to be automated with custom-built rules for approvals and stakeholder opinions. Workflow is determined by e.g. type of document, contract value and legal parameters.