Why Maintract?

Highly integration-friendly contract platform, with built-in seamless e-signing options, in addition to:

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Built to manage complex documents

Maintract’s enables creation of complex documents with customized logic based on your specific cases and business policies.


Strong security and compliance focus

Maintract provides an EBA-compliant environment to protect you and your documents, and to stay compliant.

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Highly Customized
feature sets

Maintract provides a large set of features and settings customized to clients’ specific environments and business policies.

Our Products

Tailored to benefit you in every case.

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The best purpose-built negotiation platform is here.

No more sending Word-files back and forth through emails, with markups, comments and dispatched messaging. Spend your time wisely with increased control and efficiency in your collaborations.

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Built to handle the most complex contract cases out there

Stop spending hours filling in templates manually. 

Enable your organization to automatically create complex documents accurately and consistently, based on your templates and legal logic.

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Enable your document workflows to be automated with custom-built rules for approvals and stakeholder opinions. Workflow is determined by e.g. type of document, contract value and legal parameters.


Work in private,
or collaborate in realtime

With Maintracts collaboration and negotiation service, MainDocs, you get the best of both worlds, working both real-time and private. Easily switch between them when you feel suitable.


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Maintract is leveraged differently by different organization, to fit their cases and business needs.