Reshaping document management with GenAI

Maintract partners with Nordicstation to reshape document management with GenAI

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March 15, 2024
Reshaping document management with GenAI

We are thrilled to announce a deepened strategic partnership between Maintract and Nordicstation, a forward leaning IT consultancy firm, based in Stockholm. This collaboration marks a significant milestone on the journey to revolutionize document management through the integration of, and the platform interaction with, GenAI technology, leveraging the AI experience of Nordicstation's newest group member, Polar Cape.

Christoffer Nilsson, CCO & Co-founder at Maintract, and Kimilia Carlsson Edland, Deputy CEO at Nordicstation

At Maintract, our mission has always been to empower users with innovative solutions that streamline document analysis, generation, automation, and negotiation. With the incorporation of AI capabilities, we aim to enhance the customer experience and facilitate more efficient intelligence gathering from document repositories, creating a new era of document management.

Combining Maintract's platform's deterministic document generation approach with AI insights represents a pivotal shift in contract management. As stated by Christoffer Nilsson, our Chief Commercial Officer, "The actual creation of contracts is too crucial to solely rely on AI; however, it serves as an invaluable enhancer, aiding with advanced search, summarization, change suggestions, key data extraction, as well as guidance”

The objectives are clear

Enable users to harness the full potential of Gen AI across their entire document portfolio

Empowering users with advanced search capabilities and prompting features for unparalleled control and information retrieval.

Facilitate seamless document uploading and automatic extraction of key data from PDFs and Word files 

Simplifying sorting processes and empowering users to easily keep track of their entire portfolio in one place.

Offer real-time, user-specific, tailored suggestions for document modifications before or during negotiation

Leveraging users' organizational data for tailored recommendations to improve negotiations and terms, aligned with the organizational policies and previous cases.

Stay tuned

We are committed to delivering a proof of concept (PoC) showcasing these functionalities by early May. This milestone will underscore our dedication to innovation and excellence in contract management.

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