Banks & Financial Institutions

Built to manage and generate even the most complex structures, such as LMA-style loan agreements, with built in negotiation capabilities, approval workflow and process automation.


Maintract Solution for:

Banks & Financial Institutions

Major Bank Case - Automation of large scale loan processes


Drafting large scale loan contracts takes a lot of time and effort. The bank is either required to have in-house legal counsels or hiring a law firm, which is time consuming and expensive. This results in legal bottlenecks, limited deal pipeline and less time spent on qualitative work

Maintract Solution

Combining the banks own templates and applying customized logic on top of them, we digitalized their contracts in Maintract's platform, to be in line with the banks policies and guidelines.


Auto-generated large scale contracts (incl. the full document package) based on input in an intuitive contract studio. Minor edits result in a complete contract, aligned with bank policies and guidelines, allowing contract drafting to become more efficient, a higher degree of standardization and more consistent quality.


  • Up to 90% less time spent on drafting
  • More time for qualitative work
  • Higher degree of accuracy and consistency
  • Increased capacity and deal pipeline