Transforming the investor onboarding with early stage VC, Wellstreet

Wellstreet successfully increased efficiency and reduced lead times in their investor onboarding together with Maintract

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January 30, 2024
Transforming the investor onboarding with early stage VC, Wellstreet

A Wellstreet Success Story

The Challenge:

Wellstreet, an early stage investment firm, saw a great improvement potential in the onboarding process when raising a new fund. The traditional method involves week-long cycles where investors receive PDFs, necessitating printing, manual completion, scanning, and sending back to Wellstreet. The subsequent review process often led to iterations, causing long lead times and inefficiencies to the process.

The Solution:

Maintract, a contract and document management platform, in collaboration with Wellstreet, re-invented the onboarding experience with great results. Instead of the PDF exchange, Wellstreet now simply inputs an email address for the investor. Maintract then automatically dispatches a smart, guided form to the investor, providing an intuitive and streamlined completion process. Once the investor submits the form. Any necessary clarifications are easily addressed, simplifying the entire process. Following approval, Maintract automates document generation and dispatches them for signatures.

The Effects:

The implementation of Maintract resulted in considerable results for Wellstreet and its investors. A lot of time is saved during both the information-providing stage and the iteration phase in relation to the documentation. The process not only became more efficient but also established a secure and structured workflow. Wellstreet can now easily track each investor's progress, ensuring a smooth and transparent experience for each party. The simplicity in the process has also garnered positive feedback from investors who attest to it being a great and very easy onboarding experience.

In summary, Maintracts collaboration with Wellstreet resulted in great efficiency and client satisfaction throughout the process, improving the onboarding process overall.

Henric Enhörning, Partner at Wellstreet

"Our investors are impressed by the onboarding workflow we have created together with Maintract. The onboarding experience is now very efficient and easy. Definitely something I recommend other funds to look at.” - Henric Enhörning, Partner at Wellstreet

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